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Natural Products

Your skin is your largest organ.

It seems funny to think of the skin as one of your organs but it is, and it is directly affected by what you put on it.

Most mass produced cosmetics are heavy with preservatives and potential toxins. They have to be as they are made in huge vats and if bacteria got hold in the products then it would be a huge and expensive exercise to recall them all. Bacteria in cosmetics is as toxic as the chemicals in the products to stop bacteria forming. This is a problem for cosmetic manufacturers as they are very aware that more of their market are demanding natural products. This often leads to false claims of 'natural' products when in fact, there can be less than 10% natural and they can legally call their products natural.

This does leave the market wide open for small manufacturers who tend to manufacture in smaller batches and be a bit more inventive about the ingredients they use, for instance Jojoba oil is a great natural preservative. Larger manufacturers are not as inclined to use it as it is expensive but smaller manufacturers probably have less overheads and so can afford to put quality ingredients into their cosmetics, although it is more likely that small manufacturers are happy to make less profit and produce a better quality product.   Smaller manufacturers are also likely to have owners who are passionate about quality natural cosmetics and so are less likely to use cheap mineral based ingredients and fill their products with preservatives. These manufacturers are your friends. Do your biggest organ (skin) a big favor and only use natural cosmetics and skin care on your face and body.

This is why we want to introduce you to natural skincare and cosmetics if you are not already a convert. All our manufacturers create high quality natural products and they are equal to, and in most cases better, than what the 'big' guys produced. It really is all about the ingredients.Some of our partner companies are very small and they still produce quality products. They want the opportunity to introduce their products to you and get your feed back. If you love a product then please tell us. You know word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising there is.

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